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Top 20 Discord Servers for Influencers & Creators

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Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text. Talk, chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities.

Although Discord is possibly best known as a conversation platform for game players, it includes many various other chat web servers also. Discord presently notes 1,138,594 public Disharmony web servers covering a wide variety of subjects. One of the most prominent tags are Gaming, Anime, Area, Cool, Roleplay, Social, Enjoyable, Minecraft, RP, as well as pleasant.

Several of the tags relevant to influencers as well as developers include Developers, Art, YouTube, Designers, Creatives, Streaming, and also Songs. A number of the Discord Servers that use the tag Neighborhood additionally cater to influencers and developers.

For CPG companies looking for ways amplify their brands, Discord is a clear way to connect with established and rising Creators and Influencers.

Joining a Discord server is an effective way to observe and identify potential collaborators in service of promoting your brand.

In this post, we examine chosen Disharmony web servers that advertise themselves as being open to partnerships.

Top 20 Dissonance Web Servers for Influencers & Creators:

1. Content Designers Cabin

2. YouTube Gamers Partnership (YGA).

3. YouTube Squad.

4. Sludge Island.

5. Developers Accomplishments.

6. Small Creators Area.

7. Streamers Evolved.

8. TheSyndicateGG.

9. Creator's Hub.

10. Heroes of Splendor.

1. Content Creators Cabin


Member Count: 3830

Content Creators Cabin promotes itself as a place where content creators from all the platforms unite and thrive, a land of opportunity for content creators.

It groups its channels into Important, Growth, General, Creators, Advertising, and Voice Channels.

The growth channels will be of particular interest to many creators. They collect many resources in music, sound effects, video editors, photo editors, SEO tools, and misc.

2. YouTube Gamers Alliance (YGA)

Member Count: 1962

YGA is a community of dedicated gamers, and content creators focused on growing their platforms and making new friends. You can promote your videos after reaching level 3 status by chatting and participating in the community.

They created the server for the sole purpose of gathering an awesome base of gaming content creators to help one another better their channels. Even if you don't make YouTube videos, any gamer is welcome.

3. YouTube Squad

Member Count: 1378

YouTube Squad is a server for content creators to hang out and help each other out through feedback and support and discover new content and friends. YouTubers can learn to grow their channels by working on improving their content with feedback from fellow YouTubers. While they have a dedicated advertising channel, they like to focus on content improvement to increase your audience instead of spamming links everywhere, hoping to get a few pity views. They also hold events where members play games and watch things together.

4. Sludge Island


Member Count: 80

Sludge island is a small community of aspiring YouTube content creators. They emphasize that their community is wholesome.

They are a friendly group that loves to connect. They split their channels into Parliament (rules, instructions, etc.), Lobby (introductions, video clips, birthdays, etc.), Miscellaneous, Voice Channels, Off Topic, YouTube Schedule, Server Catalog, and Partnerships.

5. Creators Achievements

Member Count: 2,110

As the server’s name suggests, Creators Achievements provides a forum for creators to advertise what they do. Their goal is to provide a safe and comfortable community for their members to talk, meet new people and even make friends.

You can select roles (and matching emoji) depending on your number of Discord server members, YouTube channel subscribers, or Twitch stream followers.

They split their channels into Server Info, Info, Verified Creators, General, Creator Hub, Collabs, and Advertise.

6. Small Creators Community


Member Count: 17,286

This server community may call themselves the Small Creators Community, but they are not small as a group. They aim to grow your YouTube, Twitch, or Discord.

The community features over 13 promotion channels. You can collaborate with other YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, and Discord server owners and receive and give advice. It's a growing community with an active chat and staff. It also features growth announcements where they ping and show your videos to hundreds of people.

7. Streamers Evolved

Member Count: 898

Streamers Evolved exists to support small streamers and for small streamers to support one another. They want to build a long-lasting community for everyone to benefit from.

They have a channel promoting a Streamer of the Week. Other channels include Affiliate Live Alerts, Non-Affiliate Live Alerts, FB-YouTube Live Alerts, Road to Affiliate, Appreciation, Develop Program Chat, and more.

8. TheSyndicateGG

Member Count: 208

The Syndicate GG welcomes content creators, broadcasters, graphic designers, and all-round gaming enthusiasts. TSG is built around connecting and supporting content creators with a focus on streaming to Twitch and YouTube. The community is always buzzing in Discord with chats about people's days, the latest games played, new game releases, streamers producing content, eSports, and questions. They strive for their community to help with mental awareness, which is one of their biggest passions besides gaming.

9. Creator's Hub


Member Count: 16,937

Creators Hub is an active and welcoming community for creators. It is designed to be a safe, welcoming, and friendly place for all creators of any kind. They cater to music producers, YouTubers, Twitch streamers, artists, writers, photographers, developers, and more. However, you don't have to make any content to join.

It has many channels reflecting its member's interests. Categories include Info Channels, Talking Channels, Voice Channels, Event Division, Partnerships, YT Division, Streamer Division, TikTok Division, Music Division, Performing Arts Division, Writing Divisions, Art Division, Software Division, and Modeling Division.

10. Heroes of Glory

Member Count: 174

Heroes of Glory is a place where you can express yourself as a content creator. There are opportunities for you to build connections, showcase your content, and receive feedback for the improvement and growth of your content. You can chase your hopes and dreams until you fulfill them.

They offer an organized server layout, specific channels to share your content, great community chat, and supportive creators.

11. ReMixz's Twitch Server

Member Count: 48

As the channel name suggests, ReMixz's Twitch server is a Discord channel set up by Twitch streamer ReMixz. It provides a place for content creators to get together, have a relaxing time, and make content. If you're not a content creator and just want to join for the fun of it, that's no problem either. Everyone is welcome to join.

12. Underrated Content Creators

Member Count: 44

Underrated Content Creators (UCC) is a server family that aspires to network and connect many aspiring online content creators worldwide. Even if you have a small following but intend to grow slowly, you are most welcome to join. They believe it important for their members to have a community they can rely on for motivation and support. So, whether you are a musician, a gamer, a fashion influencer, a lifestyle vlogger, even a tik-toker, anything is possible.

13. What is Algorithm

Member Count: 20

What is Algorithm is mainly dedicated to the YouTube algorithm, but also tries to help any sized content creators grow. You need to select a role to gain full access to the server. Roles are @YouTubers, @Streamer, @Editors, @Artists, @Commission:Other. Each has size requirements; for example, the @YouTubers role requires you to have a channel with 1K+ views and 100+ subs.

14. Comic Creators

Member Count: 108

Comic Creators is a server for artists, writers, and readers to share their work, find new creators, and make friends.

They have many channels they split into Get Familiarized, Chat, Games, Share, Links, Voice & Video, Creator's Village, The Plaza, The Park, and The Campsite.

15. Frostify's Design Cord

Member Count: 632

Frostify's Design Cord is a place for creatives to come together and help one another with Graphic Design, Video Editing, Content Creation, and other things like that. You can share your work with others and receive opinions, submit your designs for contests, send memes, and listen to speakers talk about Graphic Design. You can join voice chats and even find helpful design assets for you as a creator.

16. TagMango CreatorPad

Member Count: 491

TagMango CreatorPad is a one-stop destination for all creators, artists, entrepreneurs, influencers, etc. TagMango is a tool for growth-minded creators, helping you accelerate their content creation careers.

They organize regular sessions on the Discord server delivered by successful creators, and the audience can interact with them and ask questions.

17. StreamerBase

Member Count: 146

StreamerBase has an active Twitch community and YouTube activity. Members watch each other’s work and promote their content to their fellow group members.

18. The Zenoh Army

Member Count: 119

The Zenoh Army is a server based around content creators and their content. They like to help starting YouTubers grow their channel. They also give people the chance to find new and exciting YouTube channels and videos, or if you're more into streams, you could also come and look for your new favorite streamer.

19. Bella's Playroom

Member Count: 143

Bella's Playroom is a streaming and content creation server set up by Twitch Streamer Bella Vendome, focused on promoting herself to the online community and giving other streamers a place to connect, share, make friendships, and network. It is dedicated to being a safe space for all genders, races, sexual orientations, political views, and personality types. You will find exclusive giveaways, events such as cinema nights, co-op gaming, and knowledge-sharing centered events on overlay creation and technical setup.

20. Reel Mood Community

Member Count: 1,030

Reem Mood Community is a server for musicians to show their music and earn money. They welcome all musicians and music lovers. It is about the Reel Mood community, run by the official creator of Reel Mood. Reel Mood, also known as RMD, started back in 2019. It is all about music creators live streaming their music while earning RMD Crypto.

You can talk with the community, interact with other creators and ask any questions you might have. Sometimes they host giveaways to show their appreciation. You can even get prizes just for being active.

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