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How to be the face of your brand: Top5 Tips from Bro Dough founder erica Rankin

Why hello there… My name is Erica. Since December of 2019 I have been the Chief Everything Officer at Bro Dough. Bro Dough is a 100% plant-based, protein-infused, better-for-you, edible cookie dough based out of Ontario, Canada. Creating healthier versions of my favourite treats has been a passion of mine since 2017, when I decided to change my daily habits and invest in a healthier me. I never envisioned being an entrepreneur, in fact I wanted to pursue a career in the field of psychology (which is what I have a degree in).

After quitting my 9-5 and going backpacking through SE Asia for over three months, I decided I wanted to build a life for myself, and ensure I enjoyed whatever it was I was going to do. Fast forward and Bro Dough was created.

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I have had a lot of success with organic marketing, it has been one of my strengths as a business owner. As a start-up founder, we are forced to wear MANY hats… even the ones that don’t fit. And I totally get it, marketing can be difficult. Building an engaging community can also be difficult. But I am here to share some secret sauce that can spice things up for you/your brand! These tips are for leveraging not only your brand, but your community that supports you. Let’s get into it.


There’s a reason why this is number one on the list… it’s the most important! People buy from people, and if you are transparent with your audience, they will support you. Don’t only share your wins, share your losses! STORY TELL! Social media can be a toxic place nowadays, but it can also be an incredible place to connect. Since I started sharing my journey (all of it, not just the shiny side), I’ve received an immense amount of support and been able to connect with founders from all over. We’re all fighting the same fight – remember this. Your customers also appreciate this, it’s cool to watch a brand grow from the roots up.


Whether it is on LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook… engage with your audience/community, and ensure it is done in a timely manner! There is nothing worse than messaging someone, or commenting on something, and hearing crickets back. Show your appreciation. I dedicate an hour a day to social media, responding to customers and people engaging with my content on social media. Also remember, this is often reciprocated. If you notice someone on LinkedIn is regularly engaging with your content, return the favour. We’re here to help one another!


If your customers spend most of their time on Facebook, don’t spend all of your time creating content on Tiktok. I think as a start-up founder it is important to spend your time wisely and figure out where to get the biggest bang for your buck. Most of my customers are on Tiktok, so I focus on that platform the most. Don’t spread yourself too thin and try to master all of the platforms at the beginning.


Who are you selling to? What do they like? What do they need to know or see to buy from you? Is your messaging going to be different on different platforms? Yes… the answer is yes. For example, my audience on Tiktok is younger and they prefer videos that are “trending”. However, on Instagram… not so much. They are older and prefer updates on the business, and information about the product/how it differs from regular cookie dough. Something I have also learned over the past 2 years is… the less you try to sell something, the more it sells. Especially in this day and age – people can see through the BS. This comes back to point number 1: be authentic.


You need to be posting everyday – this is what it takes to build a following on social media. What I find to be extremely helpful is time blocking. I spend a few hours content for the week, and upload it throughout the week. The beginning is the hardest, and it can definitely be discouraging (I have been there), but you need to keep putting out content regardless of the engagement you’re receiving. Be consistent with your posting, your engagement, and your messaging as well.

Remember… a brand is much more than a logo and a product. Sell your story. Connect in a more deeper meaningful way with those around you. I hope these tips were helpful… if you would like more guidance, check out my website or you can follow me on socials:




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